Meet the Woman Behind SOHO

Sharlene Mercier, with a passion for both home financing and real estate, founded the state-of-the-art SOHO Realty and Mortgage Lending to educate and empower clients on all sides of the transaction — mortgage, buy and sell and to offer a streamlined and efficient roadmap to homeownership.

Sharlene saw a need for a more seamless and innovative approach to home financing and residential real estate during the onset of her career. As she worked with clients to help them secure a mortgage loan, she recognized the struggle home buyers experienced with the separation of the real estate and mortgage lending roles. So to make the home buying experience more efficient and less overwhelming, she decided to get her real estate license as a compliment to the mortgage lending services she was providing.

When she could not find one company to trust with fully integrated services, she built a one-stop real estate and mortgage lending solution as a blueprint to financial success for first-time home buyers, first-time home sellers, and more experienced investors in the real estate world. She has been serving faithfully for over 20 years as a Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, educating and empowering her community to build wealth through real estate ownership. She is committed to helping people build dreams and wealth from buying their first home to dream home to investment portfolio.

Are you willing to take control of your destiny and recognize that you need to make the right choices NOW to start welcoming the life of your dreams?

Are you ready to finally thrive in real estate?

Let me show you how to:

  • Be guided in the best way possible for a home loan application, buying, selling, and investing in residential properties

  • Learn everything you need to know about mortgage lending and real estate

  • Experience an enjoyable and seamless all-in-one process

  • Make your real estate investment recession-proof so that you never run out of money even when you can’t have work for a while

  • Immortal in terms of endless leads, amazing testimonials from raving clients, and mentions for your name and services

  • And a lot more for you to find out!




Sharlene Mercier

CEO at SOHO Realty & Mortgage