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At SOHO, we are fully dedicated to helping property owners like you to easily sell your properties at very competitive pricing without the stress and hassle of trial and error when you do it alone or trust an unreputable agent. We’ve done it for our hundreds of satisfied clients, and we can do the same for you too.

Making sure your home looks at its best is an essential part of achieving a successful sale. Each and every one of our sellers benefit from a full marketing plan designed to make your home stand out from the crowd.



A Mortgage Broker that empowers you.
No more difficulty in identifying the right home loan for you.
No more fear of the unknown that comes with the tedious, slow approval process.




Throughout the entire mortgage application process, we’ll provide you with the facts and highlight the all-important small print that could affect your loan.




We are here to help you through every step — from pre-approval to closing.
We DISCOVER your needs
We COMMIT to getting you approved.
We EXECUTE your interest as a priority
We CLOSE making sure the final stages run smoothly

Our Value to You

  • As a dual-service mortgage broker and realtor, we have a number of approved buyers eager to purchase properties in Atlanta and Houston.
  • This provides our sellers with a convenient, one-stop solution to sell their home for the best price and make their next move.
  • Whether you are selling a home to upsize, to downsize or even have aspire to build a property investment portfolio, we offer dependable advice and guidance on building equity and investing. Our happy clients trusted SOHO to ensure their next move is a profitable one. Be one of them!


  • We can help you sell your property quickly and easily using our streamlined selling process, seamless negotiating techniques, and excellent reputation regardless of your price point or lack of experience.
  • Our team adopts a collaborative approach to see to it that each of our residential real estate service is a seamless and easy process for our clients even for the first-time sellers.
  • From evaluation to closing the deal, we will keep you completely updated on the progress, ensure that every nuance and detail is exactly how our clients envisioned.

SOHO Makes the Difference

  • We believe that each and every property is rare to those who call it home.
  • By getting to know the story of your property, we can showcase its unique features and amenities so that its value and worth are presented to attract the right buyer who is ready to purchase.
  • Get started with us today and access our pool of approved buyers in Atlanta and Houston.

We Are Always Here For You

  • Educating and empowering you on the home selling process is the mission that will allow us to give you the confidence you need to make informed decisions.
  • We do not see selling a home as just another real estate sale and do not believe our clients should see it this way either. Selling a property can be a pivotal decision on your generational wealth journey. That’s why we are here to help and advise.

Common concerns when selling your home

  • How do I know what my home is worth?

  • How do I sell my home at the top market price in a short time period?

  • Should I put a contract on a new home that I found before selling my current home?

  • Are there any closing costs that I’m responsible for in the selling my home?

  • Do I have to fix all repairs that come up on the inspection report

SOHO Can Help Solve Your Real Estate Dilemmas and Improve The Quality Of Living, Health, and Well-Being.

You Are In Good Hands with SOHO

  • Priority– We put YOU at the center of our loan approval process to make sure you obtain the qualifiable loan that fits your financial goals.
  • Integrity– We advise you on all loan options for full transparency and risk management practices.
  • Factual– Unlike retail banks, we are a wholesale broker, so we have access to a bigger pool of lenders and mortgage programs. This not only increases your chance of being accepted for a mortgage but also ensures you’ll get the very best loan for your circumstances.
  • Efficiency– Our user-friendly document workflow is designed to take the stress out of the application process and cut down on unnecessary paperwork to smooth out the process.
  • Deliverable– At every stage, we focus on follow-up, feedback, and follow-through, so you feel assured and stand the best chance of being accepted.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need a Realtor when selling a home?

  • How much is a Realtor?

  • Who pays the Realtor fees when selling a home?

  • What steps should I take to prepare my home for sale?

  • How do you figure out the value of my house?

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