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A Mortgage Broker that empowers you.
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No more fear of the unknown that comes with the tedious, slow approval process.




Throughout the entire mortgage application process, we’ll provide you with the facts and highlight the all-important small print that could affect your loan.




We are here to help you through every step — from pre-approval to closing.
We DISCOVER your needs
We COMMIT to getting you approved.
We EXECUTE your interest as a priority
We CLOSE making sure the final stages run smoothly

Our Value to You

  • We have a long list of credible lenders and realty developers that are always readily available for you.
  • We study the market daily to help advise clients to make the best decisions and opportunities for the most exposure for their property.
  • You do not have to worry because we are a team that will take charge, identify and execute an action plan directly aligned to your financial needs.
  • Choosing us to be your real estate broker will allow you to have a hassle-free investment property with steady returns to flourish.


The SOHO Experience is the Difference

  • SOHO has raised the bar high enough to set ourselves apart from the competition and take the spot as the acclaimed mortgage and real estate solutions provider.
  • We remain dedicated to helping people build long-term wealth through our tiered approach to high-quality service that meets your expectations, cutting-edge real estate education, lasting empowerment, and great offers of the most lucrative asset classes for investors.
  • Helping you navigate the investment process, we can guide you in everything you need when starting out to growing your property investment.
  • Our team will search, negotiate and secure your ideal property at the best price so you can save time and money. As most investors seek immense profits, utmost comfort, and delightful experiences, we only deliver great deals curated for value, comfort, and efficiency because we know that our clients deserve the best.

You Are In Good Hands with SOHO

  • Priority– We put YOU at the center of our loan approval process to make sure you obtain the qualifiable loan that fits your financial goals.
  • Integrity– We advise you on all loan options for full transparency and risk management practices.
  • Factual– Unlike retail banks, we are a wholesale broker, so we have access to a bigger pool of lenders and mortgage programs. This not only increases your chance of being accepted for a mortgage but also ensures you’ll get the very best loan for your circumstances.
  • Efficiency– Our user-friendly document workflow is designed to take the stress out of the application process and cut down on unnecessary paperwork to smooth out the process.
  • Deliverable– At every stage, we focus on follow-up, feedback, and follow-through, so you feel assured and stand the best chance of being accepted.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the down payment requirement the same for an investment property as it was for my primary home?

  • How much in reserves should I have before I consider purchasing investment property?

  • How do I determine the amount of rent to charge for an investment property tenant?

  • If I sell my investment property, do I have to pay taxes on the profit of the sale?

  • How can I maximize my investment returns?


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