Beautiful Suburb of Atlanta

Healthy Real Estate Market

 New Homes in Roswell GA

Roswell GA is a beautiful suburb of Atlanta, with a very affluent historic district. Its close proximity to Atlanta makes this location prime for those who wish to work in a large city, but want to live in a smaller one. New homes in Roswell GA are positioned to be great investments in the long run as you consider the future property value and your own future career in a great area.

Beautiful Suburb of Atlanta

Roswell is a city within Fulton County, the same county that Atlanta is located. The economy is strong and growing, with over 5,000 businesses within the city. The new homes in Roswell are stunning. Brick homes perfectly compliment that surrounding area, acting as an accent to a green and lush landscape.

There are plenty of wonderful restaurants, resorts, and other luxurious amenities to choose from. The best real estate is most definitely accompanied by the best of shopping and dining. Brookwood Grill is a local favorite. Rated as the best restaurant in Roswell, Brookwood Grill offers everything from hickory grilled BBQ shrimp, to mouth watering chicken skewers. This wonderful restaurant is highly rated for a reason. Adele’s on Canton is a seafood and Cajun eatery that needs to be on your list of restaurants to go to. From hamburgers to seafood gumbo, Adele’s on Canton serves a lot of kinds of food. They were the winner of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence from 2016 to 2019, also being the third most popular restaurant in Roswell, GA, according to Trip Advisor. The Foundation Social Eatery is self-described as a, “chef driven neighborhood restaurant.” They have said, “our food draws on French and Italian Influences with local Southern ingredients to create a dynamic and seasonally driven menu.” Their food is arranged in a very elegant and artistic way, showing Foundation Social Eatery’s magnificent talents within the world of cooking.

Amenities of New Homes in Roswell GA

Roswell is full of high-quality and enjoyable amenities. A city like this has a strong economy, and therefore great shopping and dining experiences available. The best real estate is accompanied by the best amenities, after all! New homes in Roswell GA are not only amazing, but have access to the best of amenities.

Roswell Community Events

Roswell is beautifully active in hosting community-bonding events, such as the Roswell Roots Festival and the Water Drop Dash 5K. These kinds of events clearly show that Roswell is a healthy and positive community that understands the importance of bonding through events.

The events hosted in Roswell truly reflect the community itself. Unity and joy are the fruits of these events. Being a part of your community can be an essential part of, “feeling at home.” Don’t just live in a new city, be a part of that city! Roswell can be the city that you never really feel any desire to leave.

News Homes in Roswell GA

According to Zillow, the average home in Roswell is $423,000. No doubt this price reflects the value of Roswell’s healthy real estate market, the available amenities, and access to a career in a large US city. Properties in Roswell have grown in value by 1.5% last year, with an expectation to continue growing in the long-run. Your future home is an investment, so take every aspect into consideration.

Where you live can be an incredibly influential part of your life. Just take a moment to think about it. Your future life, home, community, friends, and even family are greatly influenced by where you live. That is a lot to think about, so take some time to ponder. Only the best of real estate properties, cities, and communities should be chosen when you realize that your entire future can be affected by this one decision. Roswell appears to have beautiful homes, a healthy economy, and a bright community. Imagine the impact of such a living arrangement on your future.

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The sky’s the limit, and we are here to guide you to achieve your dream of owning a beautiful property that will not only elevate your living arrangements, but increase your overall career and lifestyle. Now is the time to act. Great deals are out there, mainly to those that seek them. Allow us to help you find the home of your dreams, today! Your beautiful new home is out there, all you have to do is ask. In the words of Walt Disney, “all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

“It’s been so exciting to be part of the growth and development of this vibrant city over the last few years. From its friendly people to the multifaceted lifestyle options; I am proud to call Atlanta home.” ~ Sharlene Mercier, Founder

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