Homes in Alpharetta & Johns Creek

Strong Economy within Atlanta Metro

Homes in Alpharetta & Johns Creek

Alpharetta and Johns Creek, Georgia are small cities of less than 70,000 people. Johns Creek has been named by USA TODAY as one of the, “50 best cities to live in,” and Alpharetta lies within the Atlanta metropolitan area. These humid, subtropical areas offer plenty of fun days in the sun, and growing communities that can be perfect for your future home. Searching for new homes in Alpharetta and Johns Creek can be an amazing opportunity for you.

Alpharetta and Johns Creek are suburbs of Atlanta, perfect for those who need to commute to Atlanta for work, but wish to live in a quiet and small city. These cities offer a variety of large corporations, such as Morgan Stanley, IBM, and even Microsoft. These cities are small, yet mighty. The ability to live close to a major city, but having the luxury of being away from it all, is something enjoyed by some of the wealthiest people on Earth. New homes in Alpharetta and Johns Creek have the best of both worlds; access to a powerful economy, and a lower population.

These two cities were Native American nations in the 19th century. Once Europeans started moving into the area, these areas became crossroads where pioneers came to sell their crops. Gold was eventually found in northeast Georgia, which became the first American gold rush. Georgia was quickly put on the map, as many people flocked there to search for gold.  Nowadays, Georgia is a state with a strong economy, wonderful people, and modern comforts. Alpharetta and Johns Creek are two locations that many people consider moving to as they desire to work in a metropolitan area that offers a quiet home-life.

Amenities of Homes in Alpharetta and Johns Creek

Alpharetta and Johns Creek offer a wide variety of amenities that are ready to spice-up your life. Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Alpharetta is an American steakhouse that offers mouth-watering cuts of beef, spicy shrimp and sizzling crab cakes. Armando’s Caribe is a Mexican and Caribbean restaurant offering everything from Calamari Frito, to rice and bean entrees.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy and entertained in Alpharetta and Johns Creek. Swimming pools, movie theaters and malls are just a few of the many fun things to do here. With so many fun things to do, all you really have to do is find a home! The amenities are always going to be here, the question is, when are you moving in?

New Homes in Alpharetta and Johns Creek

New homes in Alpharetta, GA are in high demand. This city is very sought after, being a quiet and small suburb of Atlanta. The median home price in Alpharetta, GA is $415,000. Not a bad price for such a wonderful location. Homes in this area have gone up in value by 2.3% in the last year. Real estate within Alpharetta is expected to rise by 3.9% next year, according to Zillow. These moderately high real estate prices reflect the quality of living in this city, no doubt.

Your dream home and lifestyle may be within the cities of Alpharetta or Johns Creek. These bright communities are backed-up by a very healthy real estate market. With future real estate prices expected to grow in the long-run, searching for new homes in Alpharetta and Johns Creek can be a very wise decision for your family and even your finances.

You have probably heard the phrase, “location, location, location!” This is a very true statement when it comes to real estate. Where you live can be an incredibly influential force in the future years of your life. Think about it, your future job, home, activities, friends and even family are all tied to where you live. Take these wise words into consideration when choosing a future home. Only choose the best of places to live, because your entire future may change, depending where that is.

There is only one question that needs to be answered, “are you ready to search for a home?” The market is great, and the homes are ready for you. Now, it is your turn to take action, just like the many people that have come before you. Opportunities like this are once in a lifetime.

Community Events

The Alpharetta Farmers Market is one of the best events in the city. It is so great that Atlanta Magazine named it the, “Best Saturday Morning Excursion.” That alone tells you all you need to know. From fresh vegetables to home-made jams, the Alpharetta Farmers Market has the organic groceries that you have been looking for.

The Johns Creek International Festival is a celebration of cultures from around the world, featuring food, dancing and music. Johns Creek has become a thriving community that is culturally diverse and active in embracing the many beautiful cultures in the area.

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As you can see, Alpharetta and Johns Creek are not only lively, but exciting! What a wonderful combination of amenities to accompany your future home. Not only will your future home be great, but your future lifestyle can be great, as well.

“It’s been so exciting to be part of the growth and development of this vibrant city over the last few years. From its friendly people to the multifaceted lifestyle options; I am proud to call Atlanta home.” ~ Sharlene Mercier, Founder

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